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Compliments Continue

you are amazing

Already half-way through March and I am most definitely feel the benefits of this months resolution to give at least 5 genuine compliments a day. It may be the weather getting warmer, longer daylight hours, or the excitement of up-coming events that has got me beaming but I would also like to salute the compliments of this month.

The first few days required a bit of thought. Looking towards others across my desk or in line beside me at the coffee shop and finding something to admire. That came surprisingly easy and made me realize that I am thinking nice things about people all the time. The hard part was actually saying it out loud. How silly it is that I have a tough time telling a stranger that I think they are beautiful or a co-worker that I admire their work ethic. I like to think of myself as an open and honest individual that can cut through the barriers that society has chosen to put up – but I am still very much a product of my environment.

But after those first few compliments to friends and strangers the words began to flow with ease free of strings. I was also happy to observe that most people excepted the compliments gracefully and I think it even helped bring me closer to someone I work with that in the past had not kept her dislike of me much of a secret.

The area in which I have a ways to go, however, is complimenting myself. Either I forget to do all together or if I remember I then don’t even compliment anything and instead end up getting hung up on something I feel like I need to work on. I don’t consider myself as someone with an abundance of self-hate but I am most certainly not allowing myself to truly self-love.

I am so grateful for the awareness that this last resolution has brought me and I look forward to working on my self-LOVE and forming new relationships with the amazing people that are all around.




March Compliments

you look nice today

In the continuing saga of my year of resolutions we have reached the month of March. After January and February being more focus on my inner changes I wanted March to be the opportunity to offer something outward… since the goal of all this is to hopefully share more love with others. So March is the Month of Compliments

Since the beginning of my journey into healthcare, and later yoga, I have began to feel a stronger love towards myself as well as those around me. I am more open to new experiences and the chance to give to those I care about is exciting. But I still feel held back to offer that love to EVERYONE. I am connected and in agreement with the concept that we are all the same but I am still challenged in loving those that cheat, lie, or are so disconnected that they only see their own needs. I willingly feel superior to my co-workers that are unethical and past friends that have chosen material wealth over real experiences. The thing is however, just like me… we all want love. Sometimes we just go about it in different ways. So in order to learn to love without hesitation or judgement I need to start small…


My goal is to give 5 genuine compliments a day to others and at least one a day to myself. And I don’t want to just be willy nilly about my compliments either. I am looking at it as the opportunity to look at others in a new way and no matter who it is … find something to admire and therefore feel closer to them and possibly closer to loving them equally. Sometimes I expect it will be easy but others may be challenging and will require the ability and (more importantly) the willingness to dig deep allow myself to connect without it seeming “fake”.

I feel good about this months resolutions because not only do I get to be kinder to myself, but I also see the chance to let go of some old habits that have never really served me. I truly feel it is time to start shedding away my remaining cold exterior and humble myself in the light of other brilliant souls.



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