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February Fumbles

electric brain overload

February has been “no¬†cellphone in social situations and no ipod while making my way from place to place” month. The second of 12 resolutions for the year. Although its not the end of the month I already feel as though I have failed. That being said, part of the reason I decided to take on resolutions in a new way was in order to let go of the failure side of things that I have always experienced in the past when my resolution didn’t exactly go as planned. So to keep with a positive spin I have decided to focus on my triumphs.

Despite my difficulties shedding away my cellphone habits I have stopped listening to my ipod while walking, on the bus, or in social situations. It wasn’t easy at first since I have been in the habit of turning my music or a podcast on before I head out anywhere, especially if I am walking long distances (which is often). I do feel as though it has helped me to tune into the sounds of the world around a little bit more as well as interact more often with people passing by. I’ve had conversations with people on the bus and quick laughs with strangers in a coffee shop. I am sure most or all of these experiences wouldn’t have taken place if I had had my earphones in.

As for my cellphone… I have broken the habit of taking my phone everywhere with me. If I am heading down the street to grab lunch I leave it on my desk. It stays hidden in my bag the whole time when I am out to dinner with friends, and any meeting of friends.

The part that I feel as though I failed is still using it and looking at it throughout my work day, glancing at it on my walk to and from work, or while I am on the bus. Although it appears normal and ingsignificant I believe these small things add up to an unessessary use of my phone aiding in removing me from the act of  engaging with people or places around me.

So what now? Keep it in practice from now on. Awareness of my electronic expectations, separations, and limitations. March is approaching along with the next resolution.

What has been your resolution experience thus far in 2013?


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