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February Food Foundations

Eating in

Eating in

Good news : February is almost past

Bad news: I am afraid of loosing all that I have gained from this last months resolution.

We chose “No Eating Out” for the second month of the year primarily because we wanted to be healthier and it only had 28 days in it so we wouldn’t to deprive ourselves of restaurant food for very long. It also seemed like such a daunting task since I probably average 1 meal out a day. Our lives are busy ones … along with everyone else … and grabbing a sandwich here and a burrito there just seemed easier then carrying around a bunch of food with me all day long. The benefits of this all, however, have expressed beyond those initial intentions as all of our resolutions do.

First, I noticed a drastic change of energy. I felt more awake and stronger after my first week of preparing all of my meals by my own hands and with fresh ingredients. Many “Well Duh!” ‘s may follow that last comment but it really took doing it myself for an extended period of time to realize the importance of making our own food.

Second, I am saving hundreds of dollars! For some, another “Duh!” moment. For me, I expected to save some money but I truly had no idea it would be this much. I am terrible with money. I never really know how much I have, how much I owe, or where and how it gets spent. I have always been completely hopeless and happily delusional and this has been a surprising wake-up call as well as new-found motivation into being better with where my money goes.

Third, our relationship has improved. Along with the “eating in” resolution we also decided to eat every meal at the kitchen table instead of the usual Netflix 1-2 hour dinner watch-a-thon. Now, I will be honest. On those nights when I got home late from work and wanted desperately to never sit in a chair again, we did end up cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV, zoned out and unconsciously shoveling food into our mouths. But the majority of the time we ate at the table and would stay there talking well beyond our plates had been emptied and cleared. My partner even started helping out with meals (Despite our “I cook, you clean” arrangement) which I really appreciated on those nights when I would usually vote for take out sushi.

Now as we munch our way into March this coming week I want to stay connected with the foundations that we have cultivated. New habits of making lunches, brining snacks, and creative cooking are always available and in a city where it is incredibly easy to forget these things I think its important that we keep ourselves reminded on all that we have gained from this months experience. And as always, even though I have always known this was the better way, it took actually doing it to make the difference. Practice makes for more practice. Horay!

Happy Eating In !


xo Carly


a;ex grey


How did this beauty

Come so swiftly my way

When hope had been lost

My heart decayed

He spoke “why do you do this

Let them take your power

You are a Goddess of love

The queen of the hours”

My reply was weak

and completely unknowing

Already given in

To the loneliness growing

Then with a voice

As strong as the tides

He thrust “You are beautiful

You are divine”

As the stranger left

A new sensation arrived

I was worth more than that

I was worth love in this life

Let go of the sadness

and the role that I spoke

To fix all the men

That appeared to be broke

It was my turn to feel

Without pain or doubt

My turn to learn

What this love was all about

And than there you were

Right out of the blue

With your zest of life

Brightly shining through

There was no guessing

and only trust

And soon we went

From you and I to us

Now you are mine

and I am yours

My spirit awakened

Discarding the unsure

Our unbending hearts

stay strong, stay true

There is no replacement

for the wonder that is you

April Resolution

Moving forward another month. Leaving behind Winter and welcoming Spring is always an exciting time. There is a special feeling in the air and I become more energized with the extra daylight hours and hints of sunshine. I am also looking forward to starting a new resolution. Towards the end of March my resolution to give more compliments slightly weened. It wasn’t on purpose, but I also didn’t forget. Instead I noticed a sense of apathy about giving away compliments. I almost became selfish about it, wanting to save the 5 a day for the people I thought deserved it and was always left wanting. Even a sense of disappointment in the behavior of people overwhelmed me. This was quite a surprise after feeling such success with this resolution mid-month.  I am disappointed in myself and I am not sure how an exercise to build my connection to others ended up this way. All part of the journey I suppose and I feel grateful to continue to still learn lessons on how to be a better person and appreciate those around me more.

Now, we leave March and join April’s resolution to write everyday.


My motivation for this resolution is simply because I haven’t been writing as much as I would like. I have been writing in a journal for as long as I can remember and started writing poetry, songs, and short stories more seriously about 7 years ago. It feels amazing to have a creative outlet as well as the opportunity to share with others through words. But lately I have been distracted and my free time ends up being spent on netflix and patient yoga programs. Its time to get back to my blank pages and fill them with thoughts of the love that surrounds me and the life I so desperately crave to enjoy. So April, I shall go forth and write!

xo carly

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