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February Food Foundations

Eating in

Eating in

Good news : February is almost past

Bad news: I am afraid of loosing all that I have gained from this last months resolution.

We chose “No Eating Out” for the second month of the year primarily because we wanted to be healthier and it only had 28 days in it so we wouldn’t to deprive ourselves of restaurant food for very long. It also seemed like such a daunting task since I probably average 1 meal out a day. Our lives are busy ones … along with everyone else … and grabbing a sandwich here and a burrito there just seemed easier then carrying around a bunch of food with me all day long. The benefits of this all, however, have expressed beyond those initial intentions as all of our resolutions do.

First, I noticed a drastic change of energy. I felt more awake and stronger after my first week of preparing all of my meals by my own hands and with fresh ingredients. Many “Well Duh!” ‘s may follow that last comment but it really took doing it myself for an extended period of time to realize the importance of making our own food.

Second, I am saving hundreds of dollars! For some, another “Duh!” moment. For me, I expected to save some money but I truly had no idea it would be this much. I am terrible with money. I never really know how much I have, how much I owe, or where and how it gets spent. I have always been completely hopeless and happily delusional and this has been a surprising wake-up call as well as new-found motivation into being better with where my money goes.

Third, our relationship has improved. Along with the “eating in” resolution we also decided to eat every meal at the kitchen table instead of the usual Netflix 1-2 hour dinner watch-a-thon. Now, I will be honest. On those nights when I got home late from work and wanted desperately to never sit in a chair again, we did end up cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV, zoned out and unconsciously shoveling food into our mouths. But the majority of the time we ate at the table and would stay there talking well beyond our plates had been emptied and cleared. My partner even started helping out with meals (Despite our “I cook, you clean” arrangement) which I really appreciated on those nights when I would usually vote for take out sushi.

Now as we munch our way into March this coming week I want to stay connected with the foundations that we have cultivated. New habits of making lunches, brining snacks, and creative cooking are always available and in a city where it is incredibly easy to forget these things I think its important that we keep ourselves reminded on all that we have gained from this months experience. And as always, even though I have always known this was the better way, it took actually doing it to make the difference. Practice makes for more practice. Horay!

Happy Eating In !


xo Carly

Rolling Without Sugar

I generally have a hard time writing these “half-way” points in my resolution month because the moment I sit down to translate my thoughts and feelings I realize how terrible I am doing at my resolution. Now, here I am, halfway through July’s sugar-free month and I also am having a hard time writing but for a different reason. There is just too much I want to say about the subject.


In a nut-shell… not eating sugar (basically cutting out anything that isn’t a naturally occuring sugar) is tough, but I have been doing half decent at it. Despite it being the most challenging resolution so far for the first week… its a lot easier now 16 days in.

Why ? Well, I have a lot of help. The internet is filled with all sorts of nice little tid-bits on how to cook without it, what products to avoid, and meal plans. It was time consuming for the first couple weeks, I won’t lie. Grocery shopping took me at least 50% longer  as I read every single label trying to find where they have snuck in the sugar, but now I know what I can and can’t eat so its a quick. My partner is doing it with me and its so awesome to have someone on the same journey to help support and encourage. I also feel amazing. … but this could have to do with a lot of things. I have also majorly cut down on my coffee intake – only having one when I actually have time to sit and enjoy it and not just drink it as a stimulant or out of habit. Also, meat of any kind doesn’t grace our table very often which seems to work for my body.

So what does that leave to eat? A variety of amazing veggies, fruit, and other delicious items that don’t need sugar to sweeten them up.

Its not all sunshine and roses, however. I still get cravings, eating out is pretty challenging, and once July is finished I am nervous that I will just fall back into old patterns. Depsite those fears, as with all of my resolutions, I believe just culitvating awareness plays an important role and helps me make better choices in all aspects of my life.


Loving the journey!


x Carly

A Year of Resolutions


Its that time again. New year resolution time. We have all done it at least once before. Wrote out a list on a sheet of paper or out in our head. Maybe its just one thing and maybe is 20 things that you want to accomplish in the next year. Eat better, drink less, be kinder to others.

The resolution is easy to make but tough to keep.

The toughest part for me is sticking with something for an entire year. Most of the time I will forget any resolution I have set by the time March rolls around or have moved on to a new goal or changed my outlook. Thats life right?! And I enjoy life. A lot. I would even think as I was eating the most delicious piece of chocolate cake and then .. BAM! Shit, didn’t I resolve that I wasn’t going to eat this kind of stuff this year? Oops. Oh, and there comes the guilt which in turn just leads to more chocolate cake. Oh, well.

Well, this year I don’t want to “oh, well” and I also don’t want to set arbitrary resolutions that don’t really end in me becoming a better person. In yoga I am always setting intentions and with those clear intentions I do create positive change in my life and feel the happiness of those achievements. Even simple things like breathing more deeply lead me to greater goals and better feelings towards myself and others. So my resolution for 2013 is a new intention every month. Why? Because as time moves forward we change, we adapt, and our goals change. I feel like this kind of resolution is going to allow me to grow and move closer to spreading the love I know I am capable of cultivating not only towards myself but also for all those around me. Eliminating the judgement and expectation that sometimes resolutions create.

2008_01_January_Calendar_cal_l_2008_01January : No complaining

My goal for this month is to stop the habit of complaining about things as a form of conversation as well replace my internal complaints with a positive mantra. I hope that my positive intention can spread to others.

I have made a list of possible resolutions for the next few months but will decide on one closer as the next approaches based on what is going on in my life and what I think I need to bring inward and what I may be ready to let go of.

I always encourage others to share their resolutions as well as thoughts on my own. Share, explore, and unite.


xox carly


Do I practice what I teach?

The easy and self loathing answer to this question is no. No I don’t practice what I teach… all the time, or in all aspects of my life. Every single day I give into various forms of temptation, pass judgement onto others, identify with the ego, and don’t give love as I could. I make mistakes at my job, I lack balance and confidence in my voice, and I’m not honest with others in how I feel. I’m not perfect and I certainly don’t claim to be in my own mind but sometimes when you are in the business of sharing yoga and health there is a sort of pressure you put on yourself to be a certain way because hey… I don’t want to be a hypocrit.

When I have financial stress or feel insecure in my work environment I get particularily hard on myself in this regard. Thinking… “you charge people for you to guide their healing bodies in a yoga class but you can’t remember to pay your visa bill? Get it together… you should know better.”

And I do. I do know better . But with balance is key and with judgement must come understanding until I am free of judgement completely. I am only human. A human just like you and just like the person 20 feet from you. I believe part of the experience and especially cultivating awareness come from making mistakes. Every day I give gratitude for my ears to listen, my eyes to truly see, and my heart to really love.




ps… I just ate a cookie for dinner 😉

Everything in Moderation (especially moderation)

Yoga Discovery: Everything in Moderation

“Everything in moderation, even moderation,” is something my boyfriend often says. I am not sure where the quote originates from but I certainly like it.

It is a good lesson since we live in the age of excess – well hopefully just on the tail end of it. I often think about the way I go about my daily life in the hopes of being better. I consider how much waste I produce, how much fresh food I eat (not how much I “think” I eat), how much I drink, how much I talk about myself or how much I do/don’t exercise. I started to think about what I could cut out of my diet to be better or what I could do to learn to be better.


I thought back to other times I have done the same. 

– Carried around my garbage for a week in hopes to create awareness and reduce the amount of waste I accumilated.

– Stopped eating sugar, wheat, and dairy for 6 weeks (twice)

– Stopped drinking alcohol for 6 weeks

– Timed my showers so I never showerd longer than 5 minutes (since I was in the habit of taking 30 min showers because I was cold & bored)

– Taken a vow of silence for a day on 2 seperate occasions and once for an entire weekend while I stayed in a hostel in the mountains alone.

– (most recently) Commited to a 21-day meditation challenge


Not every one of these “experiments” was perfect and after the sloted amount of time I had commited to, other than adding meditation to my daily life, I just returned to my previous behavoirs. It created an awareness, yes, but more importantly it brought forward the realization that simply cutting something out of your life completely is not always the best way to actually change our habits. 


It also gave me the opportunity to be less critical of myself. Less critical of so-called “bad” habits. There are things I would like to change in my life in order to be able to be better but taking things away from my outside isn’t going to help that. Change must happen from the inside first. Love and compassion must be present in my own being and shine outwards to the rest of the world. And when I meditate and practice yoga everyday habits change automatically without it feeling like I am punshing myself.


We can only do our best and today I’ll do my best.


*Please share your own experiences in clenses or awareness practices. I would love to open a discussion about the best way to cultivate positive change within ourselves in order to love one another better.



x Carly


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