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Its a Resolutionful Life

After a year of a different resolution every month it seems completely bonkers not to continue doing it. It is also easy to be inspired when I hear that friends and family members are also taking on our challenge along with us. (If you didn’t see our resolutions for 2013 check out “December Giveaway” for a re-cap)

As we roll into the New Year of 2014 my motivations for resolutions are less about “fixing” myself and more about enhancing my experiences. Despite my intention of guilt-free resolutions, there still was a lot of guilt attached to my goals and it took a whole year of trying new things and various challenges to see the resolutions that really made me grow and those that just made me feel bad. There is always going to be a bit of give and take for any new intention and I believe I can enter into any new goal with a bit more understanding an love knowing that more deeply.

So what is January 2014’s Resolution you ask?!

January is “Take a Picture Everyday” month.

My partner and I have a pretty lovely little life together. Lots of trips, lots of laughs, and lots of love. We also live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded my sky and sea and in the 2 years that I have lived here I don’t have much documentation of the beauty in our day to day as well as the spectacular.

Secret look-out beyond English Bay

Secret look-out beyond English Bay

We are constantly making new memories but so rarely have evidence of those memories afterwards. “Hey remember that time we went to that place? It was May and it was hot out. Where was that?” Even looking back in old journals are lacking in my actual life events and instead I only tend to write when I am feeling bad or lonely.

I am all about living in the moment which is why I am in this position in the first place but hopefully a month of documenting our life a wee bit better can help me get more into the habit of doing it in the future.


I always love to hear about other’s experiences and ideas on the topic of resolutions. Please feel free to share yours.


January is “No Complaints” month and I have discovered a few things about myself and others as we approach the halfway mark of the month.

no comaplintas

1. People complain a lot.
There is the less common full on complaints where someone may be getting all worked up and openly letting it rip over someone or something. Than there is the very common complaints where it is almost a form of conversation. I work in a busy office with a variety of people coming in and no matter what the weather is like someone’s got a complaint about it. When it’s raining… “Oh this rain! I wish we could just get some sunshine.” When its sunny… “Ohhh it is soooo cold outside. I can’t stand it.”

I am sure in a lot of these cases that people don’t actually feel this way but its a topic to fill the silence with as well as a conversation openner. Part of my resolution, though, is to reply with a positive stance on the subject .. “Yes it is a little chilly but we are blessed to have the sunshine.” or to not engage in these types of conversations at all.

2. My internal complaints are more abundant than I ever realized.
This was a surprise and I am happy to have my own positive Mantra to repeat when I those old patterns start to stir even when its something small. I feel like this is an important step to changing my habits because that small inner complaint can easily change to an outward behavior.

3. Not complaining as almost made the act seem trivial. My life is full wealth in its various form… love, happiness, beauty. However, the biggest struggle remains in the work place where the majority of my complaining takes place. Yes, it still seems trivial to complain but I have a harder time stopping the ripple of those types of thoughts since I am slightly encouraged by co-workers. In the end, however, it is solely my choice and my responsibilty and I will continue to put in the work.

I feel lucky that I am in an environment where I can practice these things and hopefully move closer to becoming a better me for me and a better person for everyone.

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