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Everything in Moderation (especially moderation)

Yoga Discovery: Everything in Moderation

“Everything in moderation, even moderation,” is something my boyfriend often says. I am not sure where the quote originates from but I certainly like it.

It is a good lesson since we live in the age of excess – well hopefully just on the tail end of it. I often think about the way I go about my daily life in the hopes of being better. I consider how much waste I produce, how much fresh food I eat (not how much I “think” I eat), how much I drink, how much I talk about myself or how much I do/don’t exercise. I started to think about what I could cut out of my diet to be better or what I could do to learn to be better.


I thought back to other times I have done the same. 

– Carried around my garbage for a week in hopes to create awareness and reduce the amount of waste I accumilated.

– Stopped eating sugar, wheat, and dairy for 6 weeks (twice)

– Stopped drinking alcohol for 6 weeks

– Timed my showers so I never showerd longer than 5 minutes (since I was in the habit of taking 30 min showers because I was cold & bored)

– Taken a vow of silence for a day on 2 seperate occasions and once for an entire weekend while I stayed in a hostel in the mountains alone.

– (most recently) Commited to a 21-day meditation challenge


Not every one of these “experiments” was perfect and after the sloted amount of time I had commited to, other than adding meditation to my daily life, I just returned to my previous behavoirs. It created an awareness, yes, but more importantly it brought forward the realization that simply cutting something out of your life completely is not always the best way to actually change our habits. 


It also gave me the opportunity to be less critical of myself. Less critical of so-called “bad” habits. There are things I would like to change in my life in order to be able to be better but taking things away from my outside isn’t going to help that. Change must happen from the inside first. Love and compassion must be present in my own being and shine outwards to the rest of the world. And when I meditate and practice yoga everyday habits change automatically without it feeling like I am punshing myself.


We can only do our best and today I’ll do my best.


*Please share your own experiences in clenses or awareness practices. I would love to open a discussion about the best way to cultivate positive change within ourselves in order to love one another better.



x Carly


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