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The Moon and the Man

The Moon and the Man

By Carly

As the water made its way to the shore, so did the evening sky. Blue light piercing clouds that had been left over from the day. The moon smiled, content with another beautiful night to reside in. The Moon enjoyed to watch over the earth’s evening. Able to observe the struggles and the contrast between good and evil. Able to let a little more light onto someone’s dark path. The Moon, however, stayed in her own atmosphere. She never craved the affairs of man. She always reveled in her solitude. In brief moments of loneliness the Moon turned to the Stars for comfort but after always being left wanting, the Moon would happily return to her place in the universe.

However, something had changed on this night. As she shined her light down onto the shore she noticed a figure. A figure draped in white. A figure radiating beauty and sadness. Who was this human grounded to the earth that now pulled the strings of her heart? He was dancing with the waves. He was dancing in her light.

Without thought the Moon began to shine a little brighter towards him. The Man looked up. The tears that had cut like razor blades now began to dry as he felt the intensity of her blue flame.

The Man, in his white splendor felt the pull of the Moon’s desire. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed the stir of a different emotion. So long since the touch of admiration. Finally light in the darkness of despair. Love only stopped by to play with his heart. Never sticking around for long before leaving swiftly and vacating the space that he had purposefully had made there.

Down the shore there laid a collection of abundant rock up to the sky. In a rush of excitement and yearning the Man danced his way over to the mountain, that offered its strength to bring him closer to the Moon. The jagged rock did not hinder the Mans journey. The curves among the stone were not burden on the quest of discovery and the possibility of love. However, darkness lingered. The unlit spots on the rock lead the Mans hand into nothingness and he slipped. The Moon began to gather her light from the streets and oceans across her half the world to help bring brilliance to his path. The shimmer that had once guided the way for a captain now illuminated the incline for the new admiration.

The blue glow inspired the man to climb faster. Such inspiration had only been a distant memory from the days of long glances and new love. He had spent his life awaiting the time when that muse would come again after his heart had been broken. Awaiting to be mended. Now in this moment he realized there no plastic surgeons to cover the scars left behind. Only the hope of another to carry on. How foolish he had been to hide away in his melancholy. Promise had been in the sky all along.

The Moon felt herself become brighter. As she pulled her light to him she made the safe corners of the earth fill with wickedness. Large streets became covered alleys. Campers huddled closer to their fires. The motion of the tides around the world slowed. The balance thrown awry with the abrupt change. The Moon and the Man were blinded to the imbalance by lust and longing. So seemingly endless that they had waited for this moment. Never knowing it would ever arrive. Unaware that they had been so empty but now completely full.

By the time the Man had reached the summit half the earth had become darker. The Moon had brought together all of her energy and shine to the top of the mountain giving that abundance to the thankful figure that stood before her. They gazed at one another mirroring the same heartfelt desire and happiness at their discovery. Feeling each other’s need they exchanged devotion and love.

Suddenly, there was a scream in the draped night sky. Then another wail and a distant cry. The other creatures of the earth were now stranded in darkness. The despair the Man had so quickly forgotten now surrounded them, body and soul. The Man urged the Moon to stop shinning only to him but she could not do it. Taking light away from him also drained the love she had in her heart and without her glow the Man could feel the cold stir of sadness return. She begged him to come closer to her but the Man could not reach into her atmosphere. So there they remained uniting in the middle between the sky and the earth. The Man on his mountain top and the Moon shinning only towards him.

The time that passed could not be measured. Hours, days, weeks. Neither of them required anything but the other. Her light was the Mans food, water, and shelter. And he was her universe. As time went forward the Moon and the Man could not bear the cries in the shadows any longer. First being effortless to ignore, but now had become a burden to their passion. Both knew what they needed to do but neither wanted to be the one to go. So long in seclusion only to be left again. The two were not free. The two could not be. What would the world become with a Moon that refused to shine toward anyone but him? Abandoning the other creatures that found their rest and hunt beneath her peaceful watch. What would the man become sequestered on the summit?  She could not deny the earth of her energy any longer. He could not remain on the mountain top only to become a piece of rock as well.

They gazed towards one another, this time in parting sorrow. The Man looked to the ground and then up to his love. Tears filled his eyes as he spread his arms like the wings of an eagle and prepared to take flight. With a whispered goodbye, he jumped.

For a brief and spectacular moment the Man was pulled upward by the help of the romantic nature of the Wind but the reality of Gravity took over and released the Man back to the earth where he belonged.

The Moon felt a chill with his departure. Now she would never get to put her arms around him. Only left with the fleeting memory of a tenderness that was real. Reluctantly she began to shine her blue light outwards. Filling up the cup allowed for the night. It brought motion back to the sea and calmed the screams of those lost in the gloom. Friends rejoiced and lovers kissed.

As for the Man, darkness descended around him and he prepared his body and heart to be chilled. Yet something had changed. Loneliness’ cold hand did not send shivers down his spine. Instead in its place remained a fire of memory. A warmth of truth. A hint of love. He looked up and there she was, forever in his world. There was no reason for either to grieve because every evening they could find one another.

The Moon smiled, content with another beautiful night to reside in.

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