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Today, like everyday, I went outside. Today, just like each day the sun is shining, it was beautiful. There is something about that sunshine that ignites. Even when the wind still hold a chill the sunshine warms from the inside out. It is like my soul absorbs it and then reflects the rays back out into the world. I must not be the only one. People are kinder, smiling at one another saying “isn’t this nice.” I agree. It is lovely. I have never felt like moving to Vancouver was a bad decision for me. Complete opposite in fact where I generally am overwhelmed with gratitude that I did and that even I can quietly flourish here. Today I am also grateful that I woke up. I am awake in the most glorious of ways.

Morning Light

Morning Light


You still fast asleep

In this morning light

Been so long since the feel

Of the sun in my sight

No recall when

That warmth hit my skin

So long since

That blissful has been

With hope in hand

As I make my way

To the beams of truth

On this lovely day

Wake up my love

Join the song

Life is so much brighter

When you to sing along

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