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I feel myself changing. Not all of a sudden, but slowly. Like I am being gently awakened after a long and restless sleep. The way I think about people, situations, and how I react to them is molding. New thoughts don’t appear out of nowhere, but are a new part of an old idea. I can remember and understand how I thought before and now I am blessed with the truth that I am meant to now right now. Surely, tomorrow I will wake up and know more.

This is what yoga, meditation, and other intentional reflections have brought me. Its a gift I always had but had been covered by a thick fog of imaginary expectations and learned ignorance.





Today, like everyday, I went outside. Today, just like each day the sun is shining, it was beautiful. There is something about that sunshine that ignites. Even when the wind still hold a chill the sunshine warms from the inside out. It is like my soul absorbs it and then reflects the rays back out into the world. I must not be the only one. People are kinder, smiling at one another saying “isn’t this nice.” I agree. It is lovely. I have never felt like moving to Vancouver was a bad decision for me. Complete opposite in fact where I generally am overwhelmed with gratitude that I did and that even I can quietly flourish here. Today I am also grateful that I woke up. I am awake in the most glorious of ways.

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